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Adidas Predator Pro Orange UR1.0 Goalkeeper Gloves


Discover a brand-new side to your game. These adidas Predator Edge goalkeeper gloves have a silicone Zone Skin coating on their knit backhand to help you clear the ball. A strapless, compressive entry keeps the fit feeling natural for no-distraction keeping. Their top-quality URG 1.0 palm is grippy but sensitive, so save these gloves for match day and clean them after use.

ANATOMICAL FLEX ZONES: Mimic the natural movements of the hand, preventing bagging and bringing the ball closer to the hand

ENGINEERED KNITTED ENTRY: Delivers an adaptive yet secure forearm fit that allows maximum range of motion

NEGATIVE CUT: Provides a close and snug fit across the whole finger

ABRASION ZONE: compressed latex on lateral side of the glove providing additional abrasion where needed most

ZONE SKIN: the external zone skin elements on the backhand and fingers allow goalkeepers to defend the goal by punching out the ball with even more power and control.

URG 1.0: Is our pro´s choice. It offers unrivaled grip. This latex is quite sensitive and will wear quickly especially in dry conditions and on hard ground. Always clean the latex in luke warm water after use. For more durability we recommend URG 2.0/ 3.0.

Colour: Orange

Adidas Predator Pro Orange UR1.0 Goalkeeper Gloves

£80.00 Regular Price
£70.00Sale Price
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