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Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Nowadays,there are original goalkeeper gloves and fake goalkeeper gloves on internet and maybe some auction websites as well. Today we would like to talk about how to spot fake goalkeeper gloves.

Before talking about the actual gloves, we would like to clear most of the big brands have some take down models. They may look alike and slightly cheaper than the high-end model,but that does not mean they are fake. They may just using different material.

There are two pair of Nike Mercurial Touch Elite Goalkeeper Gloves. Let see which one is fake and which one is the original.

The package and gloves description are same as the original one.However we discover there are two difference between these two packages.

1. Sizing Label

Original: with black sizing label

Fake: with orange sizing label

2.Product label sticker

Fake: without any product label sticker

Inside the package, they are using a different plastic bag. The fake (left) is using plastic zip bag and the original (right) is using original plastic bag.

Both of them are size 8.

Which one is the original one?

It is hard to spot the fake gloves by looking their outward. We can spot the fake gloves by looking at these details.


This is a straight way to spot the fake and original goalkeeper gloves. Most of the goalkeeper gloves have the factory label inside the gloves or near the wrist strap. Simply have a look the label, you will able to spot the fake gloves.

Original:with size number and Nike office address.

Original: with US Patent label

Fake: only have size number

2. Printing quality

Original: full colour and high quality printing.

Fake: Low quality and fuzzy printing

Original: full colour and high quality printing.